5 Items to Elevate Your Winter Looks

5 Items to Elevate Your Winter Looks

Winter is a great time to switch up your wardrobe! Here are 5 statement pieces that will elevate your wardrobe and give you the confidence to up your style game!

A Quilted Jacket: 

Finding a neutral quilted jacket to add to your outfits is the easiest way to elevate your entire look. Throw it on when running out the door, it can compliment any outfit and more importantly, keep you warm!

A Classic Black Top with Flair:

Black is a very flattering color and this Crochet Lace Sleeve Top does not disappoint. Long sleeved, it will keep you warm while also looking dainty and flattering on every body type. The white detailing on the color also helps give it a sophisticated flare. It also happens to go with everything!

Black Leather Pants:

We can tend to want to keep to familiar options like blue jeans, but black leather pants can make your look automatically chic and help other colors stand out. Pair these black leather pants with neutrals for a chic aesthetic or a bright statement sweater for a more outgoing look!

Textured Asymmetric Sweater:

When it comes to winter, there are so many textures to play with. Something like a crossover neckline has a dainty vibe and will look gorgeous paired with jeans!

Matching Dress Set:

Keep it classy and warm with a cardigan and dress set. Pair it with a small necklace and a slicked back bun for a timeless look. Bright colors like a royal blue also pop really well against snow!

Try out some of these looks and let us know on socials how they turned out!

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