How to Measure Your Size

How to Measure Your Size

Perfect Fit: Master Online Shopping

You know that little thrill you get when you order something online? It's almost like mini-Christmas! But, oh the heartbreak when it arrives, and it’s not the right size. The dream outfit you had in mind, crushed... just like that. We get it. And we DON'T want that for you.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit with OBSESSIONS

When our OBSESSIONS package lands on your doorstep, we want to sprinkle even more happiness into your day. So, let's dive into how to get your sizing just right.

Easy-Peasy Tips for Measuring Clothes:

(Psst... You don’t even have to measure yourself. Use an outfit you already adore!)

  • Bust: Lay your fave top or dress flat, measure armpit to armpit, and multiply by two.
  • Length: Start at the very top, where the shoulder meets the neck, and measure straight down to the bottom.
  • Sleeve: Begin from where the sleeve seam starts and measure to its end. If there's no seam, just hold it against you, find the shoulder end, and start there.
  • Waist: On dresses, there's often a clue for the waist - like a tie or design. Lay it flat, measure from one side to the other, and double. For pants, simply measure at the top.
  • Hip Hints: Find the broadest part of your outfit. If you're puzzled, just measure 5-6 inches below the waist. Again, measure side to side and multiply by two.

(Tip: Make sure you're not stretching the fabric when you lay it out. We want the truth, and nothing but the truth!)

Your Personal Size Guide: Measuring YOU!

  • Waist: Use your tape to encircle the tiniest part of your waist, a touch below your belly button.
  • Hip: For an on-point hip measure, wrap around the fullest part.
  • Bust: Circle the tape around the most generous part of your chest, ensuring it's snug beneath your arms.

Found your measurements? Sweet! Now, go shopping (and hey, while you're there, check out our top sellers)! Adjust according to how you like your fit - snug or spacious.

We're Here for You!

Need more guidance? Our awesome customer service team is just a message away. We're so excited for you to shop with confidence and rock that pear-perfect look!

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