Style Guide: Triangle Body Shape

Style Guide: Triangle Body Shape

Have you ever tried on an outfit that just didn't feel right? It might have been that the cut didn't suit your unique body shape! Let's dive into the world of the Triangle body shape, and how to dress it fabulously.

What's the Triangle Body Shape All About?

The Triangle body shape is absolutely stunning, characterized by broader shoulders and a narrower waist and hips. Imagine an upside-down triangle; that’s our muse for today. This shape has its own charm - a powerful and dynamic upper half paired with a slender and delicate bottom half. Both Triangle and its opposite, the Inverted Triangle, flaunts a beautifully defined waist, but the Triangle boasts of narrower hips.

Ready to dress up and feel like a fashionista? Let's explore how to play up those natural assets.

Spotlight on Dresses 

Dresses are every girl's best friend! Let’s discover the best ones for our Triangle shape:

Empire Waist Dresses: This type exudes femininity! It cinches right below the bust, placing emphasis on your slender waist, and giving a super chic vibe. Slip into some cute heels or sandals, and you're ready to shine.


A-Line Dresses: The beauty of A-line is the flare from the waist, balancing out those broad shoulders. Picture it with strappy heels – elegance redefined.

Belted Beauties: Pop on a dress with a belt! It defines your waist, creating that lovely hourglass silhouette. Throw on ankle boots or sandals, and you're set for a fun day out.

Top Tips for the Triangle

Here's how to flaunt that Triangle bod:

Balance is Everything: Opt for bottoms like wide-leg pants or flared skirts. These not only add volume to your lower half but also balance your powerful shoulders.


Neckline Know-How: Tops with wide, low necklines like boat or scoop necks are your pals! They steer attention away from broad shoulders, giving you a well-proportioned look.

Waist Wisdom: Embrace belts, waist ties, and wrap styles. They define your waist, showcasing that graceful curve.

Patterns and Colors: Vertical stripes are a Triangle's best friend. They create the illusion of length, complementing your figure. Bright colors or bold prints for your bottom half? A big YES! They shift the focus, balancing out your shape.

Layer it Right: Go for structured, cropped jackets. Those hitting your waistline craft a more defined silhouette. Double-breasted jackets or ones with a touch of shoulder embellishments can also add pizzazz.


Shun the Shoulder Pads: Let’s keep those shoulders naturally beautiful. Avoid extra padding or anything that adds more volume.

Embrace Delicate Fabrics: Soft, flowy fabrics give a delicate touch to your upper half, crafting a dreamy look.

Accessorize Wisely: Play with statement earrings, necklaces, or hairpins. They divert focus, letting other features shine!

In a Nutshell, 

The Triangle body shape is all about celebrating the broad, confident shoulders and complementing them with the slender waist and hips. With the right fashion choices, you'll be turning heads wherever you go.

Remember, the best outfit is worn with a smile and confidence. So, find what makes your heart flutter, wear it with pride, and let your Triangle body shape shine!

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