what colors should you be wearing

What Colors Should You Be Wearing?

Noticed that certain shades of lipstick or dresses just POP on you? It’s not magic, it's all about understanding which colors are perfect for you! Dive in, and let's discover your most flattering hues together!

Discovering Your Skin's Secret Song!

Before we start filling your closet with fabulousness, let's uncover the secret language of your skin: its undertone. Think of this as your skin’s special melody!

Your Skin’s Special Notes:

Cool Notes: Check for pink, red, or blue hints.

Warm Notes: Look for gold, peach, or yellow shades.

Neutral Notes: Can’t decide? You're a blend of both! 

Quick Hints to Tune into Your Undertone:

Wrist: Got blue or purple veins? You're cool! Green veins? You're warm.

Eyes: Golden specks mean warm, while blue or gray hints suggest cool.

Hair: Silver or ash screams cool, while shades of red or orange whisper warm.

Celeb Clues: Find a star who shares your skin tone. Notice the colors they rock? Those might be your best colors too!

Colors that Sing with Your Skin

Warm Sweethearts: Your jewelry should shimmer in gold. Think fiery colors - red, orange, or yellow.


Cool Queens: Silver is your jewelry jam. Dive into colors like blue, green, or purple.


For a perfect match, make sure the colors share your undertone. So if you're cool-toned, a deep, blue-ish red is your go-to!

What’s Your Color Playlist? 

  1. Fairy Light:

Perfect Hair Tints: Platinum, ice-blonde, or a sultry red.

Dress in: Dreamy pastels or bold jewel tones.

  1. Angelic Fair:

Perfect Hair Tints: Think strawberry or golden blonde.

Dress in: Soft yellow, minty green, or lovely lavender.

  1. Magical Medium:

Perfect Hair Tints: Golden brown or a deep, dark brown.

Dress in: Forest green, mustard, or royal blue.

  1. Oh-So Olive:

Perfect Hair Tints: Golden blonde or caramel.

Dress in: Earthy tones, emerald, or burgundy.

  1. Dazzling Dark:

Perfect Hair Tints: Espresso or honey blonde.

Dress in: Bold jewel tones, ruby, or pure white.

  1. Deep and Divine:

Perfect Hair Tints: Jet black.

Dress in: Fuchsia, royal blue, or a striking white.

And there you have it, gorgeous! No more guesswork, only glam work! Take this guide and let your true colors shine through. Shine bright and dress right!

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