Sweaters & Hoodies

Hello I am Claudia,

I am a stay-at-home mom who always wanted to have my own business without sacrificing the time with my 3 precious kids. With the support of my family I launched, "Dream Life Boutique" and started fulfilling my dream in 2014 without leaving my loved ones. I personally select every single piece always looking for high quality clothes at wholesale prices bringing your dream style to "life" and of course mine as well! We have been able to bless others in need with your help, and we are committed to always giving back.

On November 17th  2023 the platform where we were selling for almost 10  years shut down without any notice, taking tens of thousands of dollars from us and from hundreds of small family businesses. I decided to put my faith first and believe that there is a higher purpose in this. This is how the “Dream Life Boutique Website” came to be in December 6th 2023. During this time I have experienced firsthand the love of some many people and the value of women like you getting together to help each other.

I believe that there are no bigger limitations than those you allow in your mind. Not every season is the best, but there is always hope for new beginnings. Thank you for being part of this story and allowing us to keep giving back.

“We are blessed to bless others.”